Course Syllabus

Art 100

Art Appreciation

Five Credits

Spring 2016


Instructor Information-

Instructor-Tobe Harvey

Office-Building 6, Room 123

Office Phone-(509) 533-3712

Office Hours- By appointment

Tobe Harvey is available on Cranium Cafe by appointment. 


Textbook Information-

This is an Open Education Resource Class. A textbook purchase will not be required. 


Brief Course Description-

Art 100 introduces students to the elements of form, art media, and art history. 


Course Learning Outcomes-

  • Recognize and correctly use basic art vocabulary in verbal and written form.
  • Recognize the communicative power of the visual language.
  • Develop and employ methods for analyzing visual art forms and interpreting their meaning.
  • Recognize the different types of visual art forms and the traditional media used for each.
  • Know the variety of past and present purposes and functions of art. 
  • Recognize styles of art from selected historical periods and cultures. 
  • Identify the characteristics that distinguish the art of particular individuals, periods, groups, or cultures.
  • Understand the relationship between cultural values/beliefs and the visual art forms that a culture produces.
  • Be able to compare and contrast the form, function, and content of works from different periods or cultures. 
  • Follow instructions and meet deadlines


Learning Assessments and Grading-

1. Digital Photography Assignment (20 Points)- Due Sunday, May 1st at 11:55 pm. *Please note a digital camera or phone with be needed for this assignment. 

2. Architecture Assignment (20 Points)- Due Sunday, May 22nd at 11:55 pm. 

3. Weekly Quiz (10 Points)- Due Sunday at 11:55 pm. 

4. Weekly Discussion (10 Points)- Due Sunday at 11:55 pm.

5. Midterm (25 Points)- Due Sunday, May 15th at 11:55pm. (Timed)

6. Final (25 Points)- Due Sunday, June 19th at 11:55 pm. (Timed)


Attendence- This course is taught online. We will not be meeting in a physical location as a group. Roll will not be taken, however, it is your responsibility to plan on completing the weekly workload before the weekly deadline.


Weekly Deadline

Discussion, and quizzes for each week are due before every Sunday, at 11:55 pm. Late work will not be accepted. Please complete your work before the deadline. 


Weekly Reading List


Viewing Schedule-


Academic Honesty- You are expected to adhere to SFCC's policy regarding academic honesty as explained on p. 10 of your Student's Rights and Responsibilities Handbook. Please do not plagiarize work. Use your own words.


A Note on Respect within the Academic Community- In order for learning to take place, students must feel safe; this safety is due all students, not only those who share your values, beliefs, and life experiences. For this reason, courtesy, thoughtfulness, and acceptance are essential in our discussions in and out of the classroom. Acceptance should not be confused with agreement; one need not agree with a person to listen, and one must listen well in order to disagree either cogently or respectfully. Every student in this course has a voice and so deserves the courtesy of attentive listening and the freedom to express diverse ideas.
If you have a health condition or disability that may require accommodations in order to fully participate in this class, please contact me after class or contact Disability Support Services in Building 17-201, Phone 533-4166. Information about disability will be regarded as confidential.

Attendence- This course is taught online. We will not be meeting in a physical location as a group.


Canvas Help Desk- Technical assistance is available at the Canvas Help Desk Hotline- 1-844-394-9022


SFCC eTutoring- Tutoring is available to students.


Grade Scale-

A- Superior

100-95 4.0

94 3.9

93 3.8

92 3.7

91 3.6

90 3.5

B- Above Average

89 3.4

88 3.3

87 3.2

86 3.1

85 3.0

84 2.9

83 2.8

82 2.7

81 2.6

80 2.5

C- Average

79 2.4

78 2.3

77 2.2

76 2.1

75 2.0

74 1.9

73 1.8

72 1.7

71 1.6

70 1.5

D- Minimum

69 1.4

68 1.3

67 1.2

66 1.1

65 1.0

F- Insufficient

64 or below is recorded as 0.0




Course Summary:

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